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A trivia game for all those who like to test their knowledge and to learn a lot of new things in the process. 105 interesting, colorful levels await you, with dozens of questions in each. You have to answer all questions correctly to pass to the next level. Stay alert - you've only 3 lives and a limited amount of time. Don't let losing get you down, though, as you can just restart from the beginning of the level. The answers to those questions that you got wrong won't be as scary the second time around. After all, you'll already know the answers. There are 3 kinds of questions in the game: - Multiple-choice questions with 4 possible textual choices - Multiple-choice questions with a picture and 2 possible textual choices - Multiple-choice questions with 4 possible pictorial choices There are also special levels highlighted in purple, which will give you a unique opportunity to play with random players.

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Answer questions. If you answer the wrong answer, you lose your life. If the lives are over, then they can be replenished by watching an advertisement.

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