Warlord: Fantasy RPG

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Warlord: Fantasy RPG is a free online game. ★ Game Features ★ ● Lack of intrusive ads! ● A unique accumulation system for weapons and armor. Every single item that you have increases the power of your character! Collect and upgrade all available weapons and armor and gain incredible power! ● PVP battles, dungeons and hikes! ● Clan raids on titans, raids on other clans! ● Pets!

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Destroy enemies scattered across the map, from sewer rats to giant Cyclops! Use the money you earn to buy new weapons, armor and accessories. Upgrade all available weapons and armor at the Forge. How do I earn Gold coins? - Gold coins can be obtained as a reward for completing quests, for defeating a boss, winning the lottery by searching a friend, received in a daily gift, and also bought from the bank. How do I earn Silver Coins? - Silver coins can be obtained as a reward for completing quests, winning the lottery, receiving in a daily gift, found in a chest from the arena. Why is energy needed? - Energy is spent on attacks on bosses, used in campaigns, raids and raids Can purchased weapons and armor be sold? - No, this is not necessary because the characteristics of all your equipment are added to the characteristics of your character! The game does not require any applications to be installed!

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