Ninja Clash Heroes

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In Ninja Clash Heroes you control a squad of Yakuza. The choice is very wide - it can be a sneaky scout-ninja, an armored samurai, a wise but slow Buddhist monk or a deadly geisha-sniper. Although the action takes place in a beautiful Japanese garden, you will have little time to contemplate the beauty of nature. The enemy does not sleep and wants to capture the Cat of Fortune, which you have sworn to protect. Unlock your class's hidden powers and collect stars to open army crates with awesome weapons and power-ups. Upgrade your character, earn medals and enjoy the Ninja Grinder Heroes to the fullest!

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Controls: WASD - movement C - crouch G - throw grenade SPACE - jump Right Mouse Button - Aim TAB - score table Mobile controls: Move with joystick in lower bottom part of the screen. Jump and aim with buttons in lower right. Fire is automatic on aim to enemy.

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