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Welcome to Cards: Clothing. A great selection of flashcards for learning and learning words! A large number of cards with clothes will help you teach your child new words, new clothes and explore the world together with new technologies! Free collection of flashcards for children in two languages at once! If you need to teach your child English or Russian, then this is the perfect option! Features of the game: ● A large number of cards for children! ● Absolutely free! ● Available in two languages at once-English and Russian! ● Suitable for training! What you can do: ● Learn new words with clothes and wardrobe. ● Use flashcards as a supplement to learning. ● Two modes-sequential and random. The program is similar to: ● Cards for children ● Flashcards for learning languages ● Words ● Letters ● For kids ● Alphabet ● To other training apps Everything is completely free!

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Goal: As such, there is no goal, this game is designed to view words, cards and pictures, so that parents can teach their children with their help. Management: Control is performed with the mouse and keyboard - everything is very simple! To change the cards, you can click on the keyboard arrows.

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