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A variation of the game "Russian Checkers". The difficulty levels fits to an amateur player. The interface is simplified as much as possible. Gameplay is accorded by a sound. The application may be interesting to fans of checkers and useful for beginners who want to improve their game. You can make moves without knowing the exact rules - by following the computer prompts.

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You can move diagonally. By jumping over the opponent's checkers - in any direction. By one square - only forward. At multiple moves, the movements are done sequentially. The checker drawn to the last horizontal becomes a "king" and gets the opportunity to move on any number of squares in any direction. You cannot make ordinary moves if you can take an opponent's checker. In this case, the move is made till the removal of all checkers available for capture. If the opponent loses all the checkers, the player wins. Losing the opportunity to move equals to loose.

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