Dead Land: Survival

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Dead Land: Survival - free survival online game. Explore the zombie apocalypse world! Upgrade your hero, renovate your shelter, loot abandoned territories, craft equipment, survive. The game features: - Fight zombies - Renovate the shelter - Craft weapons and equipment - Clans and ratings

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How do I earn Silver Coins? - You can get Silver coins as a reward for completing quests in settlements, for getting a new level, as well as for selling items to the merchant in the settlement. How to fix things? - Broken items can be repaired in the Workshop building. How to set a new chest in the warehouse? - To do this, you need to free up space in the warehouse. Remove one of the installed boxes, and then set a new chest in its place. What are lighters, cigarettes, matches and other items for? - Most of the in-game items can be in demand when completing settlers quests, and some of the items can also be used to upgrade buildings and shelters.

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