Forge of Gods

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Come and dive into a world full of great heroes and powerful wizards! In the Forge of Gods, epic adventures, massive battles and invincible heroes await you! Find new friends and join clans. Collect all the unique heroes, each with their own unique skills and go into battle: campaign, arena, coliseum, clan battles - all this and much more awaits you! The Forge of the Gods is a place where everyone can become a god!

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The goal of the game is to complete the campaign levels, fight in the Arena and the Coliseum, unite with friends in clans, unlock and level up heroes. There are many heroes in the game, but only one fights in battles. Each hero has 6 skills, in battle at one time there can be only 3 skills. After use, the skill goes into reset and instead appears another one randomly. In battles against players, the skill has energy that accumulates over time. The more energy accumulated, the more effective the skill will be. For victories in battles, you get resources for which you upgrade your heroes. The game has many different fights - Arena 1 on 1, Coliseum for 5 players, Clan Battle for 150 players, Champions' Tournament for the whole server, Campaign against monsters. And each fight has its own unique combat system. Have a nice game!

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