Icy Purple Head - Jump and slide dash game

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Mr. Icy Purplehead is a geometry square cube who can make yourself icy or sticky. Run through all the downhill snow levels and reach the final point. Icy is sliding on any platform or any hill, and can fly on the airflow from the fans. But purple is not, he is sticking to purple platforms and stops on the ground. Slide like snowboard or ski rider and flip like a box on the bounce pads. Use touch or mouse click to became an ice and slip from any surface. Release touch or mouse to convert back to purple face and stop sliding. This game is so fun if you play fast and when the character runs at fast speed. It will be fun to play for boys, girls and even adults. If you like runner games suck as geometry dash, or luigi or super mario run or minecraft dash, you will like this game. Or if you like such fun characters as spongebob or patrick, then icy will be also fun to play.

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