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Pig Running Pig is a unique action game for boys. The rules of the game are very simple, collect coins and try not to fall into the trap. For coins, you can buy new things and weapons. During the journey, collect coins to buy cool skins, hats and weapons. Also, do not forget about your health, since you have only one and you can restore it only if you are lucky. Oh, yes, the most important thing is that the scale on top is your level of health. If you stand still, your health will plummet until you die, and if you run, your health increases. Good luck on your trip and have a great mood.

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The player's movement is automatic, you only need to click on the screen in front of the trap to avoid falling under axes or a rotating saw, in front of the enemy you also need to click on the screen to attack, otherwise the enemy will attack you.

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Anglų, Rusijos
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