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Colored Shapes is a simple and dynamic game with an unlimited number of levels with increasing difficulty. The goal of the game is to score points for various tasks that are obtained in each level. At the bottom in the center of the screen there is a cue ball (projectile) that can be launched into the figures. The cue ball can get a different color. The starting number of cue balls depends on the level of the game. The cue ball is active only for the same-colored pieces with it. The game has two modes: basic and with tasks. Basic mode - Simple mode. The task is to get into one-color shapes, thereby activating them. The game mode with tasks according to the rules does not differ from the basic mode, but it has additional tasks that you can get additional points by completing. The game is implemented to save the intermediate results of the game. The game can always be continued without losing the result. The results of the game are saved in the history table and ranked by the number of points scored.

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