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Monster Golf is a fun puzzle game where the monster tries to throw the ball into the hole. A 2D mini-golf game that will be interesting for both children and adults, has nice graphics and an entertaining gameplay. 35 interesting levels with increasing difficulty, funny characters and unusual puzzles, traps and cute enemies on the way to the hero. All control of the game is done with the mouse. First, you need to aim accurately, and this can be done by selecting the angle and force of impact. Second, to send the ball flying, and this is not difficult. But you need to be careful, the ball may not fly or fall into the water and then you will have to try again and again, and the number of attempts is limited. To pass the level for 3 stars, you need to: - pick up a crystal on the level, you need to hit it with a ball. - meet the specified number of strokes, here will help a sharp eye and a clean calculation. - to get into the hole, which is also not so easy to do. Have a nice game!

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