Toxing Plumbing

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The toxic threat has covered the trees, which are struggling with their last strength. You must help the trees by clearing them of toxins, which will allow them to bloom again. The game Plumber "Toxic Threat" - a long-known genre of the game "plumber", but you will be pleasantly surprised by the changes that bring variety to the gameplay. The game will be interesting for everyone from beginners to pros. The game has 20 levels that differ from each other: - Simple levels-which will help you practice your logic - On time-complicate the task, now each level is limited in time, be careful while you select the desired position of the pipes, if the time runs out, you will have to start the level again - With limited pipe rotation – now each pipe can only be rotated 4 times, after which it will break. Think ahead before you turn the pipe and keep track of the time

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