Arcade Drift

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Arcade Drift is a 3D driving game. Players can control many sports cars which can be customized in the garage. Every car has unique features, so every driver will become special. The game is suitable for all ages. Fasten your seat belt and get ready for the craziest drifts. These cars drive fast and you need to be a good driver to handle them at every turn at high speed. Get ready for the drift of your life. Choose your car and become number one on the tracks. Choose wisely, because each car has special characteristics. Features of the game Three unique tracks for racing and drifting - city, city at night, desert. Five cars in the garage, they need to be unlocked. Up to seven bots to race against. The garage is a place where you can customize your car, change colours. Statistics are available for you to know your best score. Set your nickname. Settings is where you can adjust your game - set quality of graphics, turn on/off sound. WASD - drive

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