Smart cube

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An epic modern puzzle platformer! Solve the most difficult tasks, raising your level of intelligence. Upgrade your character, pass more and more difficult levels, defeat the final boss! Controls (for mobile phones): In the lower left part of the screen there are buttons that are responsible for moving your character, on the right there is a button that is responsible for jumping. The jump can only be performed if the character is completely on the platform (the base of the character is completely on a solid surface). In the upper right part is the life bar of your character. In the upper left part of the screen, there is a counter of your coins(your wallet). When you complete a level, the counter shows the number of coins you have collected at that level. And when you exit the level, the counter shows the number of coins you collected for the entire game. You can spend your coins by making purchases in the game. The skins you bought are saved when you re-enter the game. We wish you to have fun and enjoy the game!

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