Space Attack

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Welcome to the game Space Attack. Try to defeat all the bosses and complete all the levels! Make your way through the game world to become a master and overcome many unique situations! Free game for the whole family! Play the exciting Space Attack game for free on any device. So what are you waiting for? Features: ● Colorful, minimalistic 2D graphics. ● Many bosses with interesting gameplay. ● For mobile devices and computers! ● Addictive SpaceAttack gameplay - tons of fun, lots of challenging and interesting situations with unique and unexpected combinations! ● Try to become a master and beat your best highscore in the game! Control of the game: All the controls in the game are made with the mouse - everything is very simple! Tap the mouse or hold your finger to move the space fighter and win! The game is similar to: ● Everspace ● Rebel Galaxy ● Avorion ● Space Pirates ● Other arcade and shooting games The whole game is completely free!

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