Dragon Adventures

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It's time to become a real Dragon and unleash your flames! Meet Dragon Adventures-a fun arcade game where you have to fight with a lot of dangerous enemies! Bite and burn everyone in your path! You need to go a long way, full of treacherous enemies and their leaders! To complete the level, just find the big red leader and take away his magic crystal. Unlock cool new costumes to burn to the fullest. Set fire to your enemies, collect fire, and level up. Explore villages, forests, caves, and more. Anneal to the fullest! Arrange fun in a fiery 3D format. Control your dragon with WASD keys, arrows and virtual joystick, Jump-Space bar, virtual up button, Bite-Shift, virtual Lightning button, Shoot fire-Ctrl, Virtual fire button, Super Kick-Alt, virtual red fire button. The fire will show you the way!

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