Dragons Vs Monsters TD

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Dragons vs Monsters is an exciting Tower Defense game in which you have to defend your queen from advancing enemies and free the Dragon Kingdom from evil monsters! Unite your warriors, upgrade them and crush your enemies! There are 25 warriors in total in the game, divided into 5 types: - Dragons (Attack). - Orcs (Freezing). - Wizard (Enhancing). - Dragons of dual use (Attack and Freezing). - Super hit (Deals damage or freezes all enemies). 50 different levels. Each level is more difficult than the previous one. After passing the level, you get diamonds for each killed enemy, the number of diamonds depends on the type of enemy and his strength. Diamonds are needed to improve your warriors. Increase the speed and strength of your warriors and crush stronger enemies! 65 different enemies with their own characteristics. Normal, fast, strong, shooting, Bosses and many more different enemies will meet on your way for the liberation of the Dragon Kingdom!

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In the game, you create your warriors from fire and put them on playable places. For killed enemies you get fire and diamonds, for which you can again create warriors. Warriors of the same type can be combined with each other to pump them to stronger ones. At the same time, their attack speed will be significantly increased, and they will do more damage. By combining warriors of the same type with the same rank, you will get a warrior 1 level stronger. The type of warrior changes randomly when combined! Control: Mobile - tap, swipe. PC - mouse.

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