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For a long time the Zombinium factory has been conducted secret experiments, but something went wrong lately... The explosion spread everywhere a suspicious purple substance. Close contact with it makes a person a predator hunting human flesh! A zombie, in other words... In this regard, an ordinary guy is looking for a shelter and if you and your turrets don't help - he will not survive. A multiplayer online tower defense zombie game: mount turrets, level them up, upgrade your hero, compete in the arena, win tournaments and survive all the raids. Good luck!

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The goal of the game is to survive when zombies break into your shelter, preventing them from reaching you. You can use guns, turrets, the player's own weapons, walls, boosters and drones. You can play by yourself or online together with another player, who will be randomly selected for you in the Arena. By playing there you participate in the leaderboard which once a day awards the players with diamonds depending on their rank in the table. Each item you purchase can be improved which makes your chances of winning higher. While the gameplay you use only the mouse/finger. Select the turret/booster and click/tap on the place where you want to use it. Also use the mouse wheel (or two fingers) to zoom in/out the game field.

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