Papa Cherry Saga

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Are you a fan of Candy Crush or Homescapes? Then you will like this game too! Switch and match cookies in this tasty puzzle adventure to progress to the next level for that sweet winning feeling. The main character - chef Papa Cherry will always help you to win a level. Solve puzzles with quick thinking and smart moves, and be rewarded with delicious cascades and tasty combos! How to play? - You need to complete one or more goals to beat match-3 levels. The goals are displayed before you begin each level. - Match three or more pieces of the same type to complete goals and progress through the levels. - There's a number of various obstacles that make all the different levels more challenging. - You have a limited number of moves for each level. Use them wisely. - Combine power-ups to produce a greater effect and remove more pieces. - The more moves you have left by the end of the level, the bigger your reward will be! - Come back every day for a daily bonus

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