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Chess is more than one and a half thousand years old and it is popular despite everything new that appears around us - computers, the Internet, social networks. Now you can play chess on your smartphone, tablet or computer in this game on Yandex.Games. This chess allows you to: - play online against other players - play with the computer at different levels of difficulty - play with a friend on the same device. - solve chess problems (many, many different)! The game has ratings (separate for online games, tasks and games with a computer). Train in tasks, win in games, see you in the ranking :)

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Choose a mode - playing with a computer, online, with a friend, or solving chess problems. A chessboard will open on the screen. Select with the mouse or by touching the screen the figure you want to walk and the cell on the board where the figure will go. The move is made, good luck with the game!

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