Memory Dragon 3D

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Find images and match them together! Play “Memory Dragon 3D”, an amazing dragon match game designed to improve memory skills, visual retention, concentration and cognitive skills. Do you like brain games or educational games? Stop your search then because “Memory Dragon 3D” is just that. This match game is good for any age, improve your memory by finding all the pairs of dragon. How to Play: For those of you who are not familiar with the game, the objective of this brain game is to improve memory by matching all the pairs of dragon. For each level, you’re required to memorize what is behind cards in order to match the same cards. Then just turn over each card and guess where the dragon -plant’s twin is located. To win a level you’ll have to find all the dragon pairs. There are 6 difficulty levels available in this brain game. You can choose from Easy, Medium and Hard at your own convenience. However, Easy is recommended for the beginners.

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