Candy Hunter

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A dynamic platformer where you have to find all the sweets on the location and get to the next level. You are waiting for various traps, opponents, large levels and boss battles! The main feature of the game is that the enemies can cause not only normal damage, but also scare your hero, creating additional difficulties for him in his difficult journey.

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To complete the level, you need to collect all the barrels of sweets and find a way out of the level. The number of barrels collected and the remaining ones are shown in the upper right corner. The way out is a kerosene lamp, when all the sweets are collected, the lamp will start burning. Mouse and keyboard controls: - Space - jump - Buttons A and D - movements to the left and right. - Attack and ranged attack buttons - F and E. - ESC - pause menu and inventory. - The attack, inventory and ranged attack buttons are additionally displayed on the game screen (they work by clicking the left mouse button). You can also use the found candies to improve skills, they are stored in the inventory. Some items are hidden in hidden walls! To break such walls, it is enough to hit them.

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