Twist and Mix

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Spin bananas, cupcakes, ice cream, and at the same time collect a rainbow at the waterfall! ⭐ ️ More than 20 levels where you have to mix the most unusual colors! ⭐ ️ A glade with a waterfall, where you have to collect a rainbow ⭐ ️ And those who pass the game to the end are waiting for a festive salute at the waterfall! How to play: 🔹You need to choose the right color and press the GO button Спин The spinner will gain speed and mix the two specified colors 🔹 For every three guessed colors, you will get a diamond of a certain color. Collect them all to collect a rainbow! 🌈 🔹 The size and number of stars can be changed using the sliding panel on the left at the top, or completely replace the stars with any item from your chest. 🔹 You can add items to your chest from the store

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