My Dolphin Show 9

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In My Dolphin Show 9 the huge audience is awaiting your spectacular performance! It's now time for you to come out and begin your act! In this game, your goal is to perform as many stunts as possible while following the game's directions. You will gain a lot of points as you do stunts. This game feature 18 different levels for you to go through. You'll have new activities to complete at each level, such as jumping across donuts, playing beach ball, and so on. Are you up for doing dangerous stunts using pool balls, circles, and other props? Let's get this show started! Have fun!

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To begin the game, go to the main menu and click the start button. With your arrow keys, you may control the dolphin. You will get coins for each trick you complete. You may use these coins to improve your sea animal When you make the crowd happy and clap, you will win points and coins. From the top of the screen, you may check your score and the happiness of the crowd.

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