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Tap the screen to earn Bitcoins. Collect bitcoins and purchase more powerful components. Increase your earning potential to purchase even more effective upgrades. Check if fortune is kind to you! Spin the wheel and win cool prizes. Stretch your fingers properly and get ready! By the way, did we say that these are DAILY prizes? Collect prizes from day 1 to day 5. Their value increases exponentially! Features: - Clear and intuitive interface - Multi-level update system - Step-by-step guide - Mini-games within the game to keep players coming back again and again - Attention: this game has nothing to do with the real cryptocurrency exchange rate. Mine wisely. Tap on the Bitcoin tap to earn free Bitcoins. Use the earned bitcoins to upgrade your farm. You can also receive Bitcoin donations from anonymous users. Tap the tap, buy upgrades, and view statistics with your mouse or gestures.

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