Bubble Pop Adventures

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Features: - Use different tactics to get rid of the bubbles - Get combo bonuses for your creative approach - Use bubbles of different colors and bubbles with special properties - 24 high difficulty levels - Cheerful theme, suitable for playing with the whole family Release the mushroom kids! Form a row of at least 3 bubbles of the same color, and then they will burst. Aim at the bubbles, which are hidden inside the mushrooms. Be careful! At each level, the number of shells is limited. Shoot the bubbles located deeper so that all the bubbles attached to them fall down. To change the projectile, click on the arrow in the lower-left corner. Next to it, you can check how many shells you have left. The less shells you spend, the more stars you will get and the higher your score will be. To aim, use the mouse or swipe the screen. To shoot, tap the screen or click the mouse button.

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