Metal Animal

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Zverovoiny rush to the rescue! Collect a team of cute armed animals and protect the tank from the enemy army! Do not let the evil beasts destroy the war machine! Features: - Innovative object dragging mechanics: Place furry soldiers in strategically important positions. - Endless opponents - Different animals in your team: heavily armed foxes, cats, pandas and sheep - Ruthless bosses Choose the desired soldier from three randomly suggested animals and drag it to the tank. Don't forget to check the health bar under each of your furry warriors. To drop an animal, place it anywhere on the screen. To fire a tank, tap the cannon icon. The enemies will never run out, so try to drive as far as possible. The game will end when your tank's health bar is empty. If you are playing on a mobile device, drag and drop the animals with gestures. If you are playing on a computer, use the mouse to move the animals to the desired location.

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