Skydom - Match 3

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Welcome to the magical Skydom sky kingdoms! Skydome is probably the most colorful and interesting puzzle game with really unique game modes! Have you already passed thousands of levels in other "three in a row"? Then you can join us... only in Skydome can you compete with other players and find out who is really the master of "three in a row"! Show all your skills and abilities in the best game of the genre "three in a row"! Challenge your friends in real time and win through hundreds of unique levels with tricky puzzles and gorgeous effects! New exciting modes and amazing experiences. Complete exciting tasks on your way to the top of Skydom! Charming piggy will accompany you on an exciting and challenging journey. The taste of victory in Skydom is sweeter than any candy!

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* Match 3 pieces of the same color in a row to clear them! * Complete various tasks on levels and win against opponents! * Explore magical sky kingdoms of Skydom!

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