Shark Attack

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Have you ever thought about how a shark lives? You have a chance to be in her place. Swim in the ocean and look for a victim. Keep track of your health, oxygen levels, and hunger. Avoid jellyfish, bombs, and fishing nets! A fun game and many hours of entertainment for everyone! Features: - Hunt marine life: fish, octopus, starfish, crabs, and more - Collect power-ups to boost your health, speed, and energy - Attack boats, ships, divers, and more - Avoid jellyfish, bombs, and fishing nets - There is almost anything you want. Collect combos to earn more points. Just do not eat bombs, nets and jellyfish, otherwise you will lose health. If the satiety and health indicators reach zero, you will lose. Make sure that the air indicator remains high. This will give you a boost. Use gestures or the mouse to move. To eat your prey, just walk over it. To speed up, click the appropriate icon or left mouse button.

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