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Have you ever dreamed of owning your own pizzeria? Your dream has come true! Customers are lining up to enjoy your pizza. Follow the recipes, make pizza and treat the visitors. Fast and delicious pizza will bring you a good tip! Features: - interactive guide - 12 delicious ingredients: onion, pepperoni, bacon and more! - 12 proven pizza recipes: cheese, pepperoni, Hawaiian, meat, vegetarian and more! the opportunity to be the owner of a pizzeria. Manage your establishment and bring joy to your visitors! Follow the recipe to prepare a pizza with the right ingredients. Order new ingredients using the money you earn. Tap on an ingredient to send it to the pan. Tap on the pizza to cook it. Drag the plate to the visitors. Keep track of the user satisfaction indicator! Dissatisfied visitors will leave. Don't forget to collect the money left by the visitors! Try to reach the goal of the day to advance to the next level.

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