Don't Mess Up

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Always follow the instructions carefully? So, the game Don't Mess Up is created for you! All you have to do is follow the instructions. Tap the screen if the instructions say touch the screen. Swipe the screen if the instructions say swipe the screen! Features: - A quiz-themed theme that will appeal to millennials and Generation Z - Very fast gameplay. Be careful, or you will be left behind! This game will appeal to fans of The Hardest Game. Attention! This game will break your brain and develop your reflexes! In this puzzle game, you are required to follow the instructions on the screen. Sometimes tasks can be quite simple, such as tapping or swiping the screen three times. Sometimes the instructions will even tell you not to do anything. The catch is one: time. Wait until the indicator turns green before doing anything. If you complete the task too soon or too late, you lose.

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