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Make a row of 3 hearts of the same color. Collect the minimum number of hearts required for each level. To collect a row of 3 or more stones, you will have to break your head! Remember that the number of moves is limited! Features: - Interactive guide with 2 unforgettable characters - More than 36 challenging levels - All new features for drawing up a series - Challenging Three-in-a-row puzzles" - An optimistic theme that everyone will love This is a color matching puzzle game in which you need to make a row of at least three hearts of the same color. To move the hearts and make a row of them, use gestures or the mouse. The more hearts in a row, the more points you get. To complete the level, collect the required number of hearts connected in a row, for the available moves. The game ends if you run out of moves and you do not collect the required number of hearts.

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