Happy Crayons

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Discover your creative side with this interactive coloring book. Features: - Use a simple interface suitable for children. - Don't be afraid of going over the line! - Many templates to choose from. Cute animals and beautiful objects. - Different colors and brushes. - An eraser to erase unwanted colors. - The ability to save and print your creation. - Bright graphics and audio series. Delight your child or inner child with this digital coloring book! Happy Crayons is a digital coloring book that allows children to create in any environment. Aspiring artists can choose from a variety of templates, including a snail, ice cream, teddy bear, and more. They have 13 colors to choose from, an eraser, and the ability to adjust the size of the brush. To make it easier for children to paint, the colors do not go beyond the lines. You can save the completed image to print it or share it on social networks.

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