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Start the game and destroy the enemies. Upgrade your revolver, shotgun, sniper rifle and submachine gun and eliminate the enemies in the shortest possible time. And don't forget to purchase power-ups that will make you faster, more accurate, and more resilient. Many enemies are waiting for you on your way! So let's start the hunt! High Noon Hunter is the only game where you can practice shooting at enemies. Develop your skills in each level Complete the levels and eliminate enemies and obstacles - There are 3 amazing worlds in the game Single Player Game Use all the weapons at your disposal to destroy your enemies Destroy the enemies that want to attack you, and try to collect as many coins as possible to purchase more effective weapons. If you fail, start the game again and try again to complete the level and become the leader. Computer Management To move, use the arrow keys Manage on a mobile device To move, click on the buttons that appear

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