Tank Wars

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Dandy tanks are good old arcade tanks! Into battle, gentlemen! Choose from 4 paths to fame, each of which is complex in its own way, from quiet company to a fretting grinder. Fight on 120 battlefields alone or with your best friend to win, or create your own 990 battlefields. Attack and destroy enemy armored vehicles to achieve the main goal-victory, but do not forget to defend your base in the heat of battle, its destruction will lead to the failure of your entire mission. On the way there will also be dangerous mini-bosses, the victory over which will not be the easiest walk. For the excellent result shown during the battle, you will be awarded medals, and your exploits will not be forgotten and will be recorded. Your opponents are well armed, so try to use both the terrain, as camouflage and protection, and bonuses on the battlefield that will help improve weapons, turn enemies into rubble or water into ice for crossing. Good luck!

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