Trollface Quest: Horror

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Do you like scary movies? Do you want to tickle your nerves with scarecrows? If so, then get ready to find out what terribly fun pranks are waiting for you in Trollface Quest: Horror. This installment of the popular game series is teeming with links to many of your favorite movies, TV series, and even horror video games! How to play: Trollface Quest: Horror is a deceptively simple game. Users just have to click on certain objects in each level. This unlocks a series of mini-movies and helps finish the game. Click with different methods (normal pressing or holding the cursor or clicking many times) on different objects and creatures This game is very different from the usual video games - at times it is quite difficult to solve the level. In most cases, the solution is quite logical, but sometimes you just need to click on different things and see what comes out of it. If you play correctly, the level will be played to the end and your character Trollface will meet his terrible end.

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