Oddbods Soccer Challenge

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Do you want to play soccer with your favorite teletubbies? Try to score the ball in the goal, but be careful! Naughty teletubbies will try to stop you. This game will appeal to fans of both regular and American football. Game Features: - Play against the teletubbies Fuse, Bubbles, Pogo, Zee, Slycom, Jeff and Newtom. - A fun teletubbies theme song - Each teletubby brings something new and interesting to the game - More than 60 levels, more will be added soon - Interactive guide In Oddbods Soccer Challenge, players try to score a goal while Zee, Newt, Pogo and the rest of the team defend the goal. They don't look like that, but they're good goalkeepers! In this puzzle shooter game, you have three shots to score a goal. Get all three stars to earn maximum points. If you are a PC user, use the mouse to drag the ball. If you play with a mobile phone, control the ball with the touch screen.

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