Pipe Master

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Try to arrange the pipes so that water flows through them. Build a pipeline and transport water from the starting point to the end point. You have a limited number of moves! Features: - Beautiful graphics of pipes and water - Interactive guide - More than 24 levels of difficulty. The 1st level is very simple, but starting from the 2nd you will have to puzzle over the solution. - Great music and sound effects - Full-screen version of the game is available - This game is perfect for fans of puzzles and cognitive games. Solve a complex plumbing puzzle in the game "Master Pipeliner"! The underground pipeline is all messed up! Rotate the parts so that the water flows freely from point A to point B. At higher levels, you will have to work with a very large number of pipes. However, not all of them should be related. Solve this puzzle in 20 moves. The fewer moves you make, the more stars you get. Explore all 24 interesting levels!

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