Triangle Wars

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Try to get the maximum number of points. Features: - Interactive guide to facilitate the learning process - Space physics, for fans of retro games about space invaders of the 90s. - Collect various power-ups, such as bombs, explosive bullets, and extra lives - Space ships are bosses who are good at fighting. To play on the PC, press the left or right arrow key to turn the ship. Press the " Up " button to move forward, depending on the position of the ship. You can use the space bar to shoot projectiles, the "X" button is used to throw bombs. You can also purchase ship upgrades, such as extra lives, a triple cannon, and extra bombs. To play on mobile devices, use the game's built-in control panel for movement and shooting. At first, you may find it difficult to maneuver a spaceship, so training is a good way to practice the ship's movements.

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