Seven (Game of 9)

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A card game familiar from childhood - Nine. There will be an opponent at any time. Only an adult and intelligent audience. The game is a great way to get acquainted. Play card game Nine online, for free, with real people, show your skills and prove your superiority over other players! What's included in the app: • Online card game Nine • Games only with living people • Free, no ads and no brakes • Chat, dating, gifts and achievements Advantages: • Free glasses every hour, every day • Advanced system of awards and achievements • Ratings and Tops of players • Private tables with password • Low prices for extra points • Quick play mode • Detailed rules of each game • 3 types of chat in the game • Active support service • Promotions and sweepstakes from the Project Administration Before starting the game, you must familiarize yourself with the rules of the project.

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The rules of the game are indicated in the "Help" section. Management is intuitive and carried out using a computer mouse.

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