Whack A Mole

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This simple and fun classic game never gets old. Hit as many moles as possible within 15 seconds. It's like going back to the amusement park again! Features: - Interactive learning; - round with bosses; - fun theme and fast paced game play; - statistics, such as percentage accuracy, number of hits, and more; - this game will appeal to fans of the classic game "Knock the Mole". Hit as many moles as possible within 15 seconds. Click the mouse button (on PC) or touch the screen (on mobile) to hit the mole. Earn points depending on the type of mole. Some moles need more than one hit. Earn extra time by knocking on the heads of moles with helmets. The wizard moles will bring you extra points. The game ends when the time runs out, so don't forget to get the bonus time. Also, try to avoid the bombs. P. S. If you are good at it, you will meet the mole boss.

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