Sky High

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How high can you build a tower? Calculate the time to correctly place the tower blocks. Every inch of the tower matters. The game "To Heaven" will appeal to those who love games for the construction of towers. Features: - unlimited gameplay; - with the height of the construction of towers becomes more difficult; - simple game controls: tap to place blocks — - use a variety of power-ups, such as reverse turn, repeat, insurance, and double coins.; - beautiful graphics and ancient Greek theme. Put as many blocks on top of each other as possible and build the tallest tower in the world! this is an endless block folding game. You need to carefully align each block by clicking the mouse button (on the PC) or clicking on the screen (on the mobile) to prevent the block from shifting and align it with the current foundation of the tower. As the height of the tower increases, each block becomes more and more difficult to align. You also get coins by placing blocks, and if you align them well, you will get more coins.

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