Dinosaur Run

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Help the dinosaur jump to avoid colliding with various obstacles. How high results can you achieve? Specifications: - Cool pixel graphics with a tyrannosaurus. - Classic semi-color theme in prehistoric style. Jump over various plants and cacti. - Easy to play, hard to reach the top. - The background periodically accelerates or slows down, not allowing the player to relax. - Interactive design and full-screen game option - Works great in Chrome and any other modern HTML5 browser. Run, Dinosaur, Run is an endless running game that will tickle your reflexes. The goal is to keep running, despite the obstacles. Tap the screen or click the mouse to jump. You can't jump while you're already in the air, so be careful. After every 10 points, the dinosaur's movement either accelerates or slows down. Choose the right moment for jumping and you will certainly achieve excellent results.

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