Unicorn Blast

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Specifications: - Simple tap-and-let-go controls - A cute unicorn theme that everyone will love - Collect cool power-ups, including Precious Magnets, Fire Rockets, Unicorn Wings, and powerful potions - An endless casual game where users can play for hours trying to beat their best score Fans of unicorn games will be thrilled. In this flying unicorn game, players need to launch it high into the sky. On mobile, players must touch their screens to pick up and control the mythical creature. PC players use the mouse. During the flight, collect all the gems and bonuses that you can grab. Power-ups appear in the form of rockets, wings, potions, and precious magnets. If you start to slow down, fly to the nearest platform where you can jump. Beware of the heavy anchors in the sky, because they will pull you down.

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