Masters of Elements

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Masters of Elements is a new fascinating collectible card game with unique mechanics! Gather an army of monsters and take over the magic world. From the earliest times, people have been offering worship to the elements, appeasing them with offerings, and composed songs in their honor. Fire illuminates everything around, and Darkness recedes. The Earth sunk into the Void, and Water flows over it, filling all hollows and cracks. Air fills the Void above the rest of the elements. Together, they have created the world where we all exist. When the user starts playing, he receives an initial set of "base" cards. Later on, he can obtain rare and more powerful cards by purchasing card sets or receiving cards as a prize for participating in the Arena games. Card sets and entrance to the Arena may be purchased with gold which is the game’s currency. You can get gold by performing daily tasks and battling on the Arena. Gather the most powerful card deck!

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The goal of the game is to collect a strong deck of cards with magical creatures to win duels with other players and become the best. In addition, you need to collect various collections of cards that will give additional reinforcement in battles. There is also a plot goal - to go through the interesting campaign of quests and tasks. To win, you need to collect a strong balanced deck of cards of four elements, which interact with each other in a certain way (water beats fire, fire - air, air - earth, earth - water). Gathering card collections and pumping the character with the different artifacts will also help to win. A loss can occur when the player's and the opponent's cards are unsuccessful (for example, a misalignment in the elements - the player has all fire cards, while the opponent has water cards) or when there is a large difference in the strength of the decks. The game controls are easy. The player taps on his cards and additional buttons (change cards, various gains).

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