Viking Escape

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Viking Escape is an amazing game for those who love adventure. The game is made in very high quality to make it easy for you to play on any device Description: Viking Escape is a game where you control a Viking flying on a dragon. The Viking must get out of this dark forest and make his way to the end. But be careful, in the forest, the Viking is in danger in the form of evil plants, goblins and other mutants. The Viking has different types of weapons that he destroys his enemies, use them. The dragon can also release flames. Help the Viking survive to get out of the forest and collect as many points and ammo as possible! Controls: PC: W, A, S, D / Arrow keys / Ctrl / space bar / mouse. Smartphones: Touch Control Goal of the game: Get out of the forest, score as many points as possible. The game can be played both on your computer and in tablets and smartphones, directly in the browser, without even downloading! We wish you a pleasant game!

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