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Durak means fool and it is the most popular card game in Russia and in many post-Soviet states. The object of the game is to avoid being the last player with cards.

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Begin by playing any card from hand. To beat off the attack the defender will have to beat this and all subsequent attacking cards. A card which is not a trump can be beaten by playing a higher card of the same suit, or by any trump. A trump card can only be beaten by playing a higher trump. In the Transfer Durak while no cards are beaten the defender can transfer defender role to the next player by playing a card with the same rank as the cards on the table. Card under deck determines trump suit. The attacker can continue the attack by playing another card, which is of the same rank as some card already played during the current bout – either an attack card or a card played by the defender. When an attack is beaten off, the defender becomes the attacker for the next bout, and the player to the new attacker's left is the new defender. Otherwise defender's left is the new defender. The last player left holding cards is the loser.

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