Zonk: Dice Game

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Dice Game Zonk is played by 2 or more players.The player strives to score as many points as possible in 10 rounds, often up to a certain limit (for example, 5,000 points), the achievement of which brings the player victory. At the beginning of each round, the player rolls all the dice. After each roll, he must leave the dice in certain combinations that will bring him points. The player can stop their turn.Then his points are recorded in the table. But he has the right to continue to roll the dice, but over time, the probability of a zonk falling out (the lack of combinations from the remaining dice) gradually increases. If all 6 dice were collected in different combinations during the round, the player gets the right to a prize roll, which he has the right to refuse. If during any roll the remaining dice can not be collected in a combination , this situation is called "zonk" and all the player's points that he earned during the round are burned. After the points for the round have been saved and recorded, the move is passed to the next player.

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